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*Bushmaster-Scotts OG x Lemon G X Kwazulu-f1
*Caly Wompus-Purple Urkle X Kosher OG-f1*Fall Haze-Cat Piss x Super Silver Haze X Pitfall-f1
*Fall Medicine-Pitfall X Medicine Man-f1 *Flora De Risibile-Giggly Wiggly X Afghan#1(IBL) *Giggle Fest-Jamboree X Giggly Wiggly-f1 *Giggly Wiggly-Moroccan X Nepalese Jam-f1/f2 *Gihon Kush-Afghan Kush X Pakistan Valley Kush-f1 *Golden Shower-SSH x Cat Piss X Golden Tiger-f1 *Jamboree-Kwazulu X Nepalese Jam -f1/f2/bc1a/bc1b/bc1aF2/bc1bF2 *Mojave Gold-Skidmarks X Nepalese Jam-f1 *Pitfall-Kwazulu X Congo(Ace seeds)-f1/f2 *Refugee-Syrian X Giggly Wiggly-f1 *Rocking Chair Kush-GDP x Afghan X Pakistan Valley Kush-f1 *Skidmarks-auto Skunk#1 X Zamaldelica-f1 *Twa Bhangi-Congo( Ace seeds)f2 X Nepalese Jam-f1 *Zap-Zamaldelica f2 X Pakistan Valley Kush-f1 *Zufall-Pitfall X Zultan-f1 *Zulgiggle-Giggle Fest X Zultan -f1 *Zultan-Kwazulu X Pakistan Valley Kush-f1/f2 *Testers-*Flora De Risibile(f3) X Syrian(IBL)-F1 *Ukhrul (IBL) X Syrian (IBL)-F1*Congo(Ace seeds)f2 X Pakistan Valley Kush
*Jamboree-bc1aF2 *Jamboree bc1bf1 x Giggly Wiggly f2-F1
*Blackberry Jack-Hawaiian x Nepal X Jack Herer *Goonie Birds-Cherry Pie X Kosher OG *Teepee Creeper-Blackberry Jack X Kosher OG *The Mighty Kern-Black Rhino X Kosher OG

Promoting genetic diversity for medical applications

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 If you or someone you know is suffering from ptsd,bpd,neurological disorders,or similar reach out with contact form below.It might be possible to aquire seeds for the cost of postage-medical only. Go check out our lines at Seedfinder or place an order and grow some of our gear. All seeds are $20.00 U.S. or less for 10 seeds + shipping w/tracking

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HFM-Missouri Seedsman 231549

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 We grow everything in a regenerative soil-medium,so these seeds are very healthy.We never spray any type of fungicides or insecticides.These plants have to be tough and handle the elements without molding or succumbing to predatory pressure.We are working towards machine plantable uniformity across all of our exclusive lines,while maintaining the ability to open broadcast.

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